Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião

The rebirth
of the belief

The heraldic symbol that inspires the mark of the Quinta de São Sebastião tells the story of a martyr and a Christian Saint who believed he could deter the Roman Empire from persecuting Christians.

Sebastião was born in Rome and a brave warrior. He joined the Roman army and took command of the emperor’s personal guard – the Praetorian Guard. His mild conduct towards Christian prisoners led the emperor to judge him as a traitor. After being executed by means of arrows, (+) > he was abandoned by the soldiers to bleed to death tied to a tree. At night, a Christian woman removed Sebastião’s body to be buried. When she realized that he was still alive, she gave him shelter and care until he was fully recovered. Once recovered, Sebastião decided to continue his evangelization process and courageously presented himself again to the emperor, reprimanding him and asking him to stop the injustices committed against the Christians. Diocletian ordered him to be beaten to death and thrown into the public sewer to prevent his body from being venerated. But Sebastião’s body was eventually rescued and secretly buried by Christians. < (-)

The rebirth
of an identity

Quinta de São Sebastião
Enólogo Quinta de São Sebastião

The combination of mild climatic factors, sunny slopes, geographical location, proximity to the sea, the mountain’s protection, and of course the people who live and care for the Quinta de S. Sebastião land and vineyards every day give shape to the rebirth of wines with a distinctive freshness and a very unique identity.

The Valleys with different solar exposure and slopes of fertile land, the influence of the maritime air calmed by the mountains and the presence of water courses, create a balanced microclimate, perfect for the production of what is done best in Portugal. Formed by limestones, marls, clays and sandstones, the soils can be deemed productive, in virtually the entire Arruda dos Vinhos municipality area. (+) >

Quinta de S. Sebastião has an ideal terroir that guarantees the quality of the most varied grape varieties and, besides the natural factors, when we add the affection and respect in the care we give them, we obtain the perfect fruits that open the doors to the creation of exclusive wines, serving the most demanding and rigorous selection criteria. That is why, for our reds, the fruit choices fell on a set of national and foreign grape varieties, the French Syrah and Merlot and the Portuguese Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz (Aragonês). In the white wines, the national varieties Arinto and Cercial were selected. Although in 2007 the first harvest did not meet the demands, in 2008, in turn, the result was the rebirth of wines with a strong identity.

The winemaker Filipe Sevinate Pinto, who we have been working with since 2012, embraced this project, bringing all his knowledge, experience and creativity, to take even further the blends that will make our nectars a landmark of prestige and identity of Quinta de S. Sebastião. < (-)

Wine Tourism

Visits and Tastings

Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião

Visit Quinta de S. Sebastião, learn about its history, and embark on a trip through time to appreciate the architecture of the 18th century building, visit the Chapel, the Wine Cellar and take a walk through the Vineyard and discover the Horse Riding Ring.

Wine Slow Pace – Estate walking tour and visit

Wine 4×4 – Visit and jeep tour

Wine & Horses – Visit with a horse ride

Wine tastings

Vegan – Q.S.S. Rare
5 QSS Rare wines: Red, Reserva Red, Rosé, White and Vinho Verde. Also helps to contribute to the protection of endangered animal species

Silver – S. Sebastião
4 S. Sebastião wines: White, Rosé, Red and Reserva Red

Gold – S. Sebastião and varietals
6 wines: 4 S. Sebastião wines plus 2 varietals

Platinum – Quinta S. Sebastião
4 Quinta S. Sebastião premium wines: Reserva White, Reserva Red, DOC Arruda and the extraordinary Rosé D. Aninhas

All visits include wine tasting


Sunset Picnic –Visit and jeep ride to a magnificent sunset viewpoint

Wine lunch – Visit and lunch at the Quinta

Dressage Show – Visit with Dressage Horse show

All visits must be booked in advance. 

Quinta de São Sebastião

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