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“The place where i belong”
Interview with António Parente
António Parente Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião

“a landmark of life itself, connected to the land memories and ties, made Quinta de S. Sebastião the place where I belong…”

“My passion is not the wines, but what they tell about a place. And a place, for me, is made of many things: the physical place, the atmosphere, the surroundings, its history and above all, the potential it has when inhabited by the right people.
It is similar in an estate, in a company, in a house and even in a street. I believe that places hold the stories of those who live there.

My connection to the land comes from childhood memories, especially the passion for horses, the feeling of freedom and the relationship of kinship that they demand. This is the spirit in which I dedicated myself to the production of Quinta de S. Sebastião Wines. (+) >

The region of Arruda dos Vinhos is, by nature, a land that produces vineyards in quality and quantity, and when we combine this with technical capacity, infrastructure and know-how, we obtain wines of excellence with a very unique identity.

And when Quinta de S. Sebastião Wines are already proof of that, with the winning of awards and acknowledgment, which makes me very proud, my project presents a bigger challenge. To put the region of Arruda dos Vinhos on the map. That is, to gain national and international recognition with wines of unquestionable quality and with an identity that only the region of Arruda can offer.

For me, Wines are a landmark of life itself, connected to memories and to the land ties. Living these moments with the people who devote themselves to this project day and night, and also to the recovery of the vineyard of the house, is what made Quinta de S. Sebastião the place where I belong.”

António Parente
< (-)

The rebirth
of history

Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião

They say underneath every estate in Arruda dos Vinhos there is a Roman Villa. There are many testimonies of the Roman presence in these lands, a reflection of their passion for the nectar of the gods, not only because of these lands’ fertility, but also due to its geographical location, which made it one of the most important among the wine routes. (+) >
It is believed that besides the abundance of “arruda” (rue) in these landscapes, a plant that was attributed therapeutic and even stimulating qualities, the name “arruda” comes from the word Rota, as also suggested by the words Road, Route and the Latin rotare, related to route. Later, due to the quality and fame of the region’s vineyards, the town of Arruda started being called “dos Vinhos” as well [lit., “of the Wines”]). < (-)

The rebirth
of a region

Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião

In Arruda dos Vinhos the historical, cultural and gastronomic richness, always well paired, makes anyone fall in love with it, but it is its landscapes that reveal the natural secrets of this land. The vegetation is spread out in orchards, groves and vineyards, revealing here and there the whiteness of the estates’ houses and mansions.

The Valleys with different solar exposure and slopes of fertile land, the influence of the maritime air calmed by the mountains and the presence of water courses, create a balanced microclimate, perfect for the production of what is done best in Portugal. Formed by limestones, marls, clays and sandstones, the soils can be deemed productive, in virtually the entire Arruda dos Vinhos municipality area. (+) >

But the region is not only made of the land, it is made of the people of the land. A working dedicated and patient population who accumulates the knowledge of generations with an open, attentive and cosmopolitan character.

The rebirth of this land is nothing more than to embrace it and let the country and the world know that it is genuinely prepared to produce the best national wines, breaking the paradigms created by old fashions and prejudices. < (-)

Quinta de São Sebastião

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