The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar

Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião


Installed in a building that was erected in the 80’s and was previously used in the Metalomechanical industry, the cellar results from using these old facilities, which are now totally modernized and adapted to their new reality. Details alluding to its previous activity can still be seen, such as a huge crane telling stories of past times. (+) >

In 2012, the first stainless steel tanks were acquired and the winemaking of some of our best red grapes is now done therein.

The outer walls, covered with Portuguese cork on the sides that are most exposed to the sun, allow our wines to age in perfect conditions, and the recent investment in photovoltaic panels supports an important portion of our energy consumption. These are just some examples of how we care about the environment.

We meticulously manage our consumption of water, electricity and packaging materials, we use lightweight glass bottles, low-treatment cardboard boxes and natural cork stoppers are just a few examples that in fact start in the vineyard, with all the environmental sustainability practices that we adopt. < (-)

Quinta de São Sebastião
Quinta de São Sebastião


Art is intrinsically linked to our wine cellar. Here, you can admire large panels with paintings by António Bustorff and Tiago Cutileiro… illustrating the different stages of our production process and other themes connected to wine.

Quinta de São Sebastião
Enólogo Quinta de São Sebastião


In producing our wines, our main goal is to preserve and convey what the rich and diverse microclimate that surrounds us has to offer. As well as to preserve the unique “terroir” of Arruda dos Vinhos through wines made with simplicity, minimal intervention and so that you can feel the Sea, the region’s slopes and its different altitudes.

Quinta de São Sebastião

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